By the way of this piece of article we would be having a guideline discussion about can dogs eat strawberries or not.  As similar to the human beings, dogs are always seeking to have some of the health benefits by taking the consumption of fruits that are taken by the human beings. If you have a pet dog in your house for so many years, then you would notice that they would follow your diet plan by copying you in which some of the fruits will show bad effects on their health,learn more on this blog Dog Carion

Strawberries are taken out to be one of the major fruits that are regarded out to be safe and healthy for the dogs. This study has been confirmed by the Dr. Danielle Bernal who is a veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food. Besides serving the whole of the piece, it would be best option to serve the strawberry in small pieces or even in the form of snack topping that can show out with some excellent results on their health as well.

One of the main things to be highlighted here is that you should be keeping the dog diet nutrition as balanced and complete all the time. You should add your dog diet plan with the fruits that are high in fats all along with the veggies such as strawberries. You can make it serve to them as in the mix-ins and toppings.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

How Straweberries are Healthy for Dogs?

              Strawberries are added with the high amount of canines that high with the fats and proteins. This would be giving your dog with the skin as well as muscle strength in physical activities. If you are serving them with strawberries all the time, then make sure that you should be serving them as in the small amount that should be about 10 to 20 percent. You should let it top up with the fiber-rich vegetables and fruits such as broccoli or apples so that it would keep the dog fuller all the time.

Types of Strawberries for Dogs:

We would make you suggest to serve fresh or prozen strawberries as best option. You should not be much serving your dog with the canned strawberries or the one that is set in the packing of syrup. If you want to get maximize with the nutrients, then you should be feeding it with the seasonal strawberries. Flash frozen form of strawberry is best in the winter season.

You can often think about adding treat into the dog’s strawberry diet as by the freeze thinly sliced or cubed strawberries straight into the ice tray with a little water. It would be so tasty and would give their mouth with such a special and different taste.

So as we have given you with the answer of can dogs eat strawberries, so we would say that yes they can but try to be moderate at the time of serving them with the strawberries. Are you ready to add strawberries in your dog feeder?


No single woman would love to have an appearance of red spots on her skin. This is one such easy way to ruin the whole beauty of your face. Did you ever experience the worst red spot on your skin? Well, the red spot normally appears on the skin as because of certain skin problems or even in the conditions if your skin is sensitive and weak.  Treating the condition of red spots is not an impossible thing to do so visit

You can easily make it get removed from your face all through the use of following simple home remedies. Over here we will be explaining out with some of the simple and easy ways to remove off the small red dots on skin.

Talk About Easy Ways To Get Rid of Small Red Dots on Skin

Method No 1: Lemon Juice:

You can treat your red dots on the skin with the use of lemon juice as well. For this purpose, it is important that you should have at least 2 small tablespoons of lemon juice all along with the soft cotton pad.  You will be squeezing with the small portion of the lemon juice over the pad and then make it apply to the areas of the skin that are affected by the red dots.  You will let it remain on your face for about 5-10 minutes and then remove it off from the face. You can perform this task at least two times in a day.  It would give away your skin with the cleansing effect and tight up the pores to add it to the skin freshness.

small red dots on skin.

Method No 2: Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Apple cider vinegar has been taken out to be another one of the best methods in order to get remove off with the small red dots on skin.
  • You need to arrange the ingredients of the 2 small tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and water plus the cotton pads.
  • You will be mixing the vinegar into the water and through the use of cotton pads, you will be applying it to the affected portions of the skin.
  • You need to let it get dry for about 4-5 minutes and remove it with the lukewarm water.
  • You can do this process as twice times in one day.
  • It would help you to get your skin or face all free from the irritating spots and patches.

Method No 3: Use of Aloe Vera:

You can give your skin a complete freedom from the red dots through the use of aloe vera as well. You need to, first of all, collect the fresh leaves of the Aloe Vera. You have to apply the aloe vera gel to the skin with the red dots and give it a smooth massage for about 1-2 minutes.  You can do this massage at least twice times in one day. It does accompany the healing properties that would be giving your skin a complete freedom from the skin irritation issues. It would at the end be giving your skin with the healthy glowing impact and learn more at Charlies Magazines

We hope that you will definitely be trying out these methods at home in order to get rid of the small red dots on skin. Are you ready for it?